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Why bother with CPD Accreditation for your training courses?

When you offer courses that are CPD accredited, you are showing your commitment to developing training to a standard that is 3rd party checked and passed as fit for purpose.

CPD accreditation is for anyone wishing to catalogue their career learning progression. For some industries it is a formal requirement to log learning & development with professional bodies, institutes and membership associations (for ex. Finance, medical)


  1. helps them keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date via training designed to engage and meet the course objectives using a variety of learning techniques
  2. ensures that standards across the company are high and consistent

The accreditation process is stringent, going through an evidence-based process and using external verifiers to eliminate any membership bias.

CPD courses usually generate a higher ticket price due to their long-term value and recognition and it is a global standard.

If you are considering CPD accreditation for your courses and would like assistance in preparing for submission, book in for a FREE chat