Here at YvonneB we offer a course design service to entrepreneurs and business owners wishing to incorporate CPD standards training, whether applying for accreditation or simply wishing to ensure a high level of course design.

To date YvonneB has:

  • Created and Designed a 20+ strong CPD Accredited Course Portfolio for an international client in the medical field (IMTA)
  • Created and Designed content for CPD Accredited Speaker Certification (IMTA)
  • Designed the first ever CPD Accredited Crowdfunding Course in the UK
  • Successfully completed the detailed CPD course submission documentation for Mentor Media Training
  • With over 20 courses achieving CPD standard, YvonneB is confident in creating and designing CPD Standard courses across various industries.

If you are considering CPD accreditation for your courses and would like assistance in preparing for submission, book in for a FREE chat