Life & Confidence Coaching

Inspiring Confidence, Unlocking Potential.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind; the two are inextricably linked; what you do to the mind affects the body and the same in reverse. If you are looking to truly step up, live life out loud and build your personal impact, then start by taking care of your health and your emotional intelligence; this approach is fundamental to achieving your life goals on a personal and professional level. It's a combination of self-care and self-development. Building yourself up from the inside out builds confidence, it gives you permission to love all of who you are and operate from a positive state.

The Purpose of Life Coaching

Life coaching provides an opportunity to delve into the different areas of your life where your thoughts, feelings and reactions are causing you discomfort or holding you back from exploring opportunities. It's about unravelling limiting beliefs and supporting you to find solutions to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It incorporates setting goals in a realistic & motivating way so that you have practical action steps to take that are respectful of your time and energy.

Why Take Coaching Outdoors?

Walk Talk & Coach combines the power of coaching with health & fitness for a holistic mind and body experience. It's not speed-walking, you set the pace and we literally 'walk, talk & coach' to search out the root cause of your current life frustrations, especially the ones that might be impacting your health, and come up with agreed actions for you to take. And of course, being outdoors means you get to dump your unwanted head stuff in wide open space, clearing your mind and lifting your mood.

Life Coaching/Walk, Talk & Coach Sessions Include:

  1. Pre-Session Reflection Questionnaire - A set of questions to help you reflect on the week/fortnight/month
  2. Coaching Session - one hour of coaching where you have the freedom to bring up any challenges, fears, ideas for exploring, isolating one to focus & work on ending with actionable steps.
  3. Post Session Recap Email - Within 36 hours of session you receive a recap email of what was discussed, any lightbulb moments and your agreed actions.
  4. Email Access - Unlimited email support as part of your coaching package

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