Life & Confidence Coaching

Life Coaching

Inspiring Confidence, Unlocking Potential.

Life & Confidence Coaching; that provides an opportunity to delve into the different areas of your life that are causing you discomfort or holding you back from exploring opportunities, unravelling limiting beliefs and supporting you to find solutions to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It incorporates setting goals in a realistic & motivating way.

Utilising YvonneB's 7F Principles, the core components of a healthy lifestyle are assessed, in addition to any other areas identified. The 7 core components are:

  1. Being Fit & Healthy - What are you doing to ensure you are in a healthy state, fundamental to providing you with the energy required to get into action
  2. Being Fearless - Assessing your mindset; what beliefs/thoughts are limiting your achievements and how can they be reframed to support your success
  3. Creating Freedom - Is your life providing you with the level of freedom you desire, be that time freedom, wealth, career advancement, business start-up, upskilling, etc
  4. Enjoying Family, Friends & Network - What does your support network look like and is it providing you with the support you need? Who is a help, who is a hindrance and how do you manage them?
  5. Paying It Forward - How are you contributing to society, be it on a local scale or otherwise? What skills & talents can you share to help others to flourish?
  6. Having Fun - Where is fun showing up in your life? Is it showing up at all? How might you increase your level of joyfulness and happiness to live a more fruitful life?
  7. Having Faith - What source do you turn to in times of difficulty or when you want to express gratitude?

These are fundamental principles to creating a higher quality of life and by addressing the challenges you face, you unlock your potential to do more, be more and have more of what matters to you.

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