Personal Training

Physical Training

Looking after your health should never feel like punishment. It's about taking the empowering lifestyle decision to feel at your best every day. It should challenge you and it should, in part, be fun.

Personal Training is all about ensuring you get the attention you need to work on your fitness in a way that provides the results you want. Whether you want to get stronger, leaner, more flexible, more mobile or build up your endurance, working with a PT helps you achieve your goal with the right knowledge, support and monitoring. Together, we review and assess your current nutrition and fitness level, then design a training plan specifically for you, making necessary adjustments to your food intake, be that quantity &/or quality so that YOU can achieve your desired goals.

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What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking

Using specially designed walking poles, Nordic walking is an excellent all over body activity that uses 90% of the body's muscles. The poles help to propel you forward, creating speed, powering your whole-body movement whilst ensuring you walk with good posture. It burns 20-46% more calories than regular walking whilst developing core stability & strength and improved lateral mobility of the spine (if this form of exercise strikes a chord with you, you can find out where classes are here: Bath Nordic Walking or contact me directly for 1-2-1 sessions).

Your workouts are blended to fit your preferences and your goals. So, if you love walking, its incorporated. If you love pushing weights, its part & parcel. You'll also get the chance to try other activities such as circuit training and Nordic walking.

W2W Woman 2 Woman Healthy Body & Mind Programme Includes:

This is YvonneB's 12-week signature programme, created based on the best outcomes of her clients...A healthy lifestyle is so much more than 'getting fit'. It takes a whole approach that engages the mind and body so that transformations can occur. Ge fit, mentally & physically!

The program can be downloaded here

  1. 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions 2 x per week (blend/choice of: strength, low impact cardio, Nordic Walking, HIIT circuit training plus essentials such as mobility & balance
  2. Practical Mindset Strengthening Exercises
  3. Weekly Motivational Quotes
  4. Monthly Life Coaching Calls to keep you on track with post call recap email & action steps
  5. Food Diary review by YvonneB to help you make incremental changes to your nutrition necessary for your success
  6. 7F Principles Journal
  7. Copy of YvonneB's bestselling book, Suck It Up Or Change
  8. And some surprise goodies along the way!

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