Walk, Talk & Coach

Walk Talk Coach

Coaching that gets you fit from the inside out.

This is where life coaching meets health & fitness for a holistic mind and body experience in the great outdoors. We begin at whatever pace of walking suits you and we literally 'walk, talk & coach' to search out the root cause of your current life frustrations, especially the ones that might be impacting your health and come up with some actions for you to take. And of course, being outdoors means you get to dump your unwanted head stuff in wide open space, clearing your mind and lifting your mood.

Getting outdoors for your Walk, Talk & Coach benefits you in several ways:

  1. Physical activity - this makes the experience less formal, more sensory and likely to increase creative thinking. Yes, it is exercise time!
  2. Relaxing - because you can enjoy nature and self-pace for the session and walking as a tool to thinking is evidenced in history
  3. No equipment - whilst equipment may play a part as we begin to focus more on the fitness element of your goals, initially the act of walking alone will provide the exercise required to get you active
  4. Body work, mind freedom - by actively "being" the mind can free itself and focus on the here and now. The rhythmic action of walking alters the brain waves from task orientated to relaxation (from beta to alpha waves). And this opens us up to creativity
  5. Whatever the weather - except for extreme weather conditions, walk & talk is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors! Being in the U.K., we need to accept that our weather is what it is, but we don't have to let it dictate what we do. And you might just begin to appreciate the seasons!

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